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Crispy Chard and Potato Cakes

These crisp cakes are a complete meal - good any time of the day or night.  I promise, people who think they don't like greens will love these nutritious little gems!



l large bunch swiss chard - washed - leaves and stems separated

2 large Idaho potatoes - scrubbed - cut into very small cubes

1/2 medium onion - finely chopped

4 cloves garlic - sliced

1C grated cheese - your choice - I like pecorino

5 eggs

clarified butter, duck fact, or chicken fat, plus extra virgin olive oil for frying (any one or combination you prefer)


Heat large - I used 14" - cast iron fry pan.

Chop swiss chard stems.

Add fat (or fats) to pan.

Saute chard pan til soft.  Remove to bowl.

Add more fat to pan, add garlic slices and saute til just beginning to brown.

Tear chard leaves and add to pan.  Toss 3 to 4 minutes til wilted but still bright green.

Add to bowl with stems.

Add potatoes to pan, cover and cook til tender.

Mash potatoes in a bowl or right in the pan, add to the chard along with the eggs and cheese, and onion.

At this point you can refrigerate the mixture and cook it later, or of course, just cook it right away.

Heat a large cast iron pan - the same one you have been using - add a generous coating of your fat(s) of choice.  When hot, drop heaping tablespoons of the potato mixture to pan and cook til crisp, then flip and brown the other side.  Make sure you let them brown sufficiently or they won't hold together.