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Silky Green Beans in Tomato Sauce



This recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious.  It can be a side dish or a sauce for pasta.  My husband and I can't wait to eat these beans for dinner, so we don't, we eat them as an appetizer with some Italian bread and then we eat them again with dinner.  They are easier to eat with pasta (or bread) if you cut them in half or quarters.  Please try these - they are so good!




Extra virgin olive oil

1 lb. green beans, tipped and tailed - I used thin French beans

4 scallions - ends trimmed, sliced fairly thick, 1 inch or so

2 cans organic diced tomatoes - Muir Glen or Kirkland are good

(hot pepper flakes)

(3 cloves garlic)

Salt and pepper, to taste

water or stock, if necessary


Heat enough olive oil to coat (be generous) the bottom of a deep 10" pan with a lid (I used an enameled cast iron chicken fryer).

Add beans and garlic, if using.  Cover and cook ten minutes.

Add sliced scallions and a few pinches hot pepper flakes, if using.  Stir and cook 2 to 3 minutes, then stir in both cans of tomatoes.  Add enough water or stock almost to cover beans, don't worry if you add to much, you can always reduce it after the beans are cooked.  I you are using the beans as a sauce, you will want the extra liquid.

Bring to a boil, cover, reduce heat to medium low and cook, stirring occasionally, for about one hour, or til very tender and, well, silky.  Add more water or stock if beans seem dry.

Taste for salt, add if needed.  Add lots of black pepper.

Try to stop eating!


note:  as with most stewy dishes, this tastes even better the next day.


another note:  I have made this dish with frozen organic string beans (the ones from Trader Joe's).  Delicious and even easier than using fresh beans!