Weight & Wellness

Baked Zucchini Rounds




Despite the fact that the zucchini are fried before baking, this is a very healthy, light, delicious dish.  It is great for company because it can be assembled a day in advance.




4 medium or 3 large zucchini

4 large eggs - preferably organic free range

a few pinches dried basil

a few shakes of garlic powder

lots of black pepper

(hot sauce, such as Frank's)

(1/2 tsp. turmeric)

extra virgin olive oil 

a few pats of butter, such as Kerrygold, for frying - you can use all olive oil, if you prefer

roasted tomatoes (see recipe in the "vegetables" section) or any thick tomato sauce

about 1 C. (more is fine) shredded cheese such as parmesan, pecorino, grana padano, or asiago

10" glass pie plate - I like the glass because I can see when the juices are bubbling, but you can use whatever you like, as long as it is about 10" around.  In the photo I used a ceramic casserole dish because I was having company and I love the bright yellow dish with the red tomatoes.  Fresh basil or parsley would have been a nice garnish, but I guess I didn't have any - not like me...


If you use cast iron, as I do, begin heating the pan on low heat, now.  (I use a 14" pan, which is very heavy, a 12" is fine - it will just take a bit longer to saute the zucchini)

Slice zucchini into 1/2" rounds, set aside.

Beat eggs in a shallow bowl or pie plate with black pepper, basil, garlic powder, and optional hot sauce and turmeric.

Place some butter, if using, in hot pan, swirl it about a bit, add at least 1/4 C. of olive oil.

Dip zucchini rounds in egg, place in hot pan, without crowding and cook til lightly browned on both sides - about 2 minutes per side.

Continue cooking until all zucchini are done.

(If you have any eggs leftover, they are delicious scrambled!)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.


Oil or butter the 10" pie plate.  Spread some roasted tomatoes or sauce on the bottom.  Place a layer of zucchini in the plate.  Sprinkle evenly wtih shredded cheese (be as stingy or as generous as your taste dictates). 

Repeat layering the zucchini and cheese - you should have three layers and the zucchini should come almost to the top of the dish.

Top the zucchini rounds with the roasted tomatoes or sauce and more cheese.

Bake, covered 30 minutes or til bubbly, then uncover and broil 5 minutes or so til a nice crust forms.


Let sit a few minutes before serving, if you can wait...