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Special Ingredients

If I think a specific ingredient in any of the recipes posted on this site are unusual or difficult to find, I will note it and explain it, here.  If you ever have a question about a recipe or ingredient, please email me and I will respond to you and, if necessary, post an explanation or clarification here, as well.  When such an ingredient appears in a recipe, I will suggest you go to "special ingredients".  If you know what the ingredient is, don't bother coming here, just proceed with the recipe.


1.  Badshah Chicken Masala - this is a seasoning mix I received from a new friend in India. It is an utterly arresting blend of chilis, turmeric, coriander, garlic, stone flower, and more.  I don't know if this particular brand is available in the U.S., but I am sure other brands are.  Just look for brands that do not contain artificial colors.  I am still experimenting with this spice mix - it is delicious added to roasted vegetables or mixed with extra virgin olive oil, brushed it on sliced whole wheat Italian bread and toasted under the broiler. 


2.  Mis Hot Pepper Paste - this paste hails from Turkey.  The only ingredients are peppers and salt.  It is available at Middle Eastern markets, Corrado's, and from Amazon.  I use it in tomato sauce, beans, meatballs, veggie balls, soups, etc.  Be careful not to use too much salt when using this paste, it is fairly salty.


3.  Roland Extra Strong Dijon Mustard - product of France.  This is absolutely my favorite mustard!  Corrado's carries 1lb. 13.9 oz. jars.  A&P carries smaller jars.  Maille brand dijon mustard is also quite good.


4.  Sumac powder comes from the ground berries of the rhus species of sumac bush.  The powder has a lovely lemony tart flavor and can be used anywhere you would use lemon juice.