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Summer Goat Cheese Wraps



These wraps require very little prep time and make a great light healthy summer supper.

I used Maria and Ricardo's brand 8" whole wheat tortillas - they are organic and GMO free.

You really don't need specific amounts to make wraps - you make them as full or scanty as you wish - just don't fill them up so much that you can't roll them.  In fact, you can add whatever filling you like, but be sure to use the goat cheese "glue".




8 whole wheat tortillas

1 log fresh goat cheese

3 scallions -  chopped

milk or salsa, yes, milk or salsa

freshly ground black pepper

chopped onion


chopped tomatoes

Applegate Farms turkey (or any leftover meat or fish)

(chopped jalapeno)


Place the goat cheese in a bowl, mash in three scallions, lots of black pepper, a little salsa or plain milk to thin to spreadable consistancy.

Spread goat cheese mixture on each tortilla.

Top with chopped onion, arugula, tomatoes, jalapeno, if using, and turkey (I used two slices of turkey for each tortilla).

Roll up, folding in sides as you go.  The goat cheese will hold everything together beautifully - tastes good, too.


That's it!  Enjoy!!


Note:  these wraps are great with the Summer Crunch Salad