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A Few Words About Number of Servings

I guess you have noticed that I never suggest a number of servings with the recipes.  There are a few reasons for this.

I usually cook based on my pots.  For example, I like to cook chicken in my 14" cast iron pan.  To fill the pan, I need about 4 lbs. of chicken.  Whether I need it or not, I make the 4 lbs. of chicken.

Do you cook based on your favorite pots?

 If you are cooking for your family, you probably know better than I, how much your family will eat.  For example, I was reading a recipe for baked chicken yesterday, and the recipe called for 8 chicken thighs and claimed to serve 8 people.  Not in my house.  The 3 of us can easily eat 2 pieces of chicken each.  And were I cooking for 8 people, I would never be so stingy as to allot only one piece of chicken per person!  Really, would you?

Are you feeding teenagers, toddlers, bodybuilders, athletes, big eaters, small eaters?  I remember placing a platter of chicken wings in front of one of my dinners guests.  He clapped his hands in anticipation, thanked me, then asked what everyone else would be eating.

So, I leave it up to you...